Aberdeen International Marketing
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About Us

Aberdeen Marketing are a multi-faceted supply company based in the North East of Scotland but with world-wide contacts. Building on over 35 years of experience we are leaders in our field. All our suppliers are certified to national and international standards.

We have built up an enviable track record of supply in the marine and engineering supply area. Our engineers have built up many years of experience in these areas and understand what is required by you the customer.
For Cast Engineering Products we can provide guidance on tooling, casting and machining of product to your exact specifications. Through a global network of professionals we can supply to your exact needs at very competitive prices enabling you to rest assured that you are getting the best service at the best price. Cast products include iron, steel, spheroidal graphite, nickel based, aluminium, zinc and engineering plastics.

Marine Products are normally supplied for the protection of metal equipment or structures from seawater corrosion such as sacrificial anodes in aluminium, zinc, magnesium. Also supplied are ICCP cabinets with copper,aluminium and iron anodes for the protection of sea chests, strainers and pipework in vessels against the marine bio-fouling which builds up in these areas.

Our Consultancy Division can also provide support in all areas of management for small to medium sized companies at very reasonable cost. Areas include Employment Law, Marketing, Strategic Planning, Supply Chain Management and Contracts. Our consultants can advise in both international and domestic issues.

We also have many established contacts where we can help you to develop your business internationally through joint venture or agency agreements particularly in Eastern Europe and the Middle East.

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